Will I Ever Dance Again

Most dancers will utter these words at least once during their career… It’s often the first thought when you go over on your ankle, when you crumple to the floor with excruciating pain in your knee, or when the doctor tells you that you need to have an operation. And many dancers don’t ever dance again. Not because they can’t, but because they lose so much condition while being out due to injury, that their return to dance is plagued with even more injury, and it all becomes just too hard. Giving up what you love, whatyou live for, or what you feel you were born to do is something that no one should ever have to face.

But what if there was another alternative?

What if there was a way to take the time off needed to not only recover fully, but to return to dancing even better than you were before the injury..? What if there was a program that let you stay in class, and helped correct all of the issues that led to the injury developing in the first place? One that would help you rehabilitate  the injury fully, as well as make it much less likely that you would ever have that issue again…?

Well, Now There Is!



Shay's Story
Preparation for Pirouettes

Please Help! I'm feeling very guilty right now...

I am so excited to be finally bringing this program out into the world, but am suddenly feeling very guilty for taking so long to do just that! I have been working so hard to get it all just right, but realised that while I was fussing over the details there were injured dancers who really needed it. So please can you help me get it out into the world of dance, to share it with those that might not normally see this. Repost, comment and share as much as you like, and remember to download your FREE PDF too!

Shay's Story

Shayarne Mattheson was dancing at an international dance school, when in her normal Monday morning classical class she came down on her foot wrong and heard an horrendous ‘snap’. She was certain that her foot was broken but when an x-ray ruled this out, it was diagnosed as a sprain. When she did not improve at all over the next 3 weeks she was sent home to Australia, where she began working with me.

The rehab program helped Shay feel more empowered and back on track in her dancing career. Her intensive rehab program included time in an orthopaedic boot and a training regime that not only got her back dancing quickly, but had her dancing with more flexibility and control than ever.

The Ultimate Rehab Program for Dancers

This program is all about getting you back into class as soon as possible, not necessarily to do a full class, but to do a modified class depending on your injury. Making sure you follow all of the right processes, in the right order is essential for a rapid and complete recovery.

One of the most powerful reasons why we want to get you back in class as soon as possible is the psychological impact that stopping dancing can have on a dancer. When what you do is so emmeshed with your perception of who you are, having that removed from your life can challenge the very deepest parts of you.