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The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program is our original, iconic program designed for anyone struggling with their flexibility. Formulated by a physiotherapist for dancers, this program is especially beneficial to those who do not respond to regular stretching or who want to achieve extreme mobility safely. The program is presented in an easy to use format with detailed explanations of all exercises, followed by a 45 min program set to music.

The online version gives you an instantly downloadable ebook with immediate access to the online video portal. These videos assist you through your training giving you a visual guide to the exercises in the manual.

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The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program is an extraordinary, revolutionary program that is guaranteed to change how you work on your flexibility forever! This program translates techniques for improving Fascial Mobility and Neural Tension to achieve instant changes in your flexibility without the risk of damage through over stretching.

Many people struggle with regular stretching as it does not specifically address the true causes of their restricted mobility! In many cases your muscles are actually already long enough, yet chronic contraction, as well as tension in the nervous and fascial systems may be holding you back from your true potential. Learn specific tricks and techniques to help you cruise past your old limitations without strain or force.

The program is presented in an easy to use format with detailed explanations of all exercises, followed by a 45 min program set to music.


What people are saying about the program:

Lisa explains things really clearly, and gives practical advice that is easy to follow. After three sessions, I feel amazing. My movement feels smooth and I don’t have that sense of my joints hitching that I’m used to. I can also definitely see improvements in my flexibility, in front splits as well as middle.

  • Hilary Smith

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7 reviews for Front Splits Fast Program

  1. Madison

    I purchased this book about six months ago now and I love it! I am a late starter to dance so I needed to find a quick way to gain flexibility in the shortest amount of time. Within a month I was flat on both legs after doing the program every second day. I was amazed at how easy it really is!

    Now I do the program 1-2 times a week and incorporate my own stretches on a daily basis. Thanks Lisa for designing such an amazing program!

  2. Natalie

    This program is like nothing else on the market. Based on peer reviewed science and clearly explained so you don’t need a degree to understand it! This program really gets to the core of your flexibility problems and helps treat them – fast!

  3. (verified owner)

    This program helps loosen up my daughter’s tight hip flexors.
    It taught her how to stretch properly with correct alignment.
    Her extension has improved since she started this program.
    Thank you!

    • LisaHowell

      Thats wonderful to hear Atsuyo! Thank you so much for posting your feedback! Best wishes to your daughter and I’m so glad that she is feeling the improvements! Warmest Regards,


  4. Laurel

    I had always thought the longer and more painful the stretch, the better. However, when I started reading the Ballet Blog, I realized there was much more involved in flexibility than just endlessly “stretching muscles” to make them “longer”! I ordered the Front Splits Fast Program and it arrived very quickly! (Not that I was obsessively checking the mailbox….) I taught many of your exercises to my dance students who hold a lot of tension, but I also put together a selection to do with my Pilates clients. (None of whom are interested in doing the splits, but they all would like more flexibility.) My Pilates clients love the thoracic stretches!

    One client in particular, a man in his late forties/early fifties always struggled with mobility. Typically when he did his roll down at the beginning of the session, his fingertips were about 4-6″ from the floor. One day instead of doing a traditional Pilates work out, we did the front splits fast work. At the end of the session he did his roll down AND TOUCHED THE FLOOR!! He was so excited! “Oh my god!,” he said, “I didn’t think I would ever be able to do that!” He went home and showed off to his wife and kids. It was a great day. 🙂

    I cannot thank you so much for bridging the gap between physiotherapy and dance (and stretching and Pilates)! Your work has changed my life, and the life of many of my students and clients!


    I feel all the exercises work on that specific area and do not have a consequent effect on other areas. So, I can loosen my neck, my back, and the front of my hips, but my hips and hamstrings remain as stiff as they were. If I do the program before going to class, I will feel a huge difference in preparation, I will be ‘more ready’ to begin class, feeling more comfortable and it is easier to work the feet and legs, stability and turnout, but only while on the floor or in very low heights though, I cannot get higher grand battements, longer extensions or anything.
    Incorporating these exercises and principles every time I work, whether in class or working out at home, has significantly reduced the pain and the soreness in got every single time I stretched. For years I lived a nightmare in pain (sometimes I couldn’t even walk), and everyone (including doctors) just kept telling me it was normal and I just had to go on on doing it. But that has now changed. I keep all the concepts, technique explained and advices in mind while in workout classes at school and I am able to make them work better for me (and work around the teachers that still believe that pushing as hard as you can is the solution). Now I fully understand how my body works and what is happening. I know what is not allowing me to do something and what I have to do to make it work. It brings that great self-awareness that only dancers have.
    Problems and pain have been reduced enormously but my flexibility remains the same and my dance technique hasn’t improved so much from this. I still struggle a lot. The mobilising exercises on youtube are very helpful, sometimes I prefer those to begin and follow up with these.
    I feel that there is a massive psychological side to this that maybe can only be worked out by a psychiatrist. Anxiety, stress, lifestyle, other tasks one does, concerns, pressure, personality, mental problems, depression… all these condition a lot how the body will work.
    This program has changed the way I look at exercising and how to do it and how I look at my body and work with it. I am able to be my own coach. My life has definitely taken many steps forward since.

  6. Hilary Smith

    I’m still pretty new to Front Splits Fast. It arrived last week and I’ve done the program three times now. I LOVE IT!
    I’m 34 years old and have only been dancing for five years, so I didn’t grow up with much body awareness or knowledge about how to feel limber and move smoothly. Since starting dance, flexibility and fluidity have been a struggle for me in what I thought was an ageing body.
    Now with Front Splits Fast I have a heap of new understanding about my body’s systems and how they connect. Lisa explains things really clearly, and gives practical advice that is easy to follow. After three sessions, I feel amazing. My movement feels smooth and I don’t have that sense of my joints hitching that I’m used to. I can also definitely see improvements in my flexibility, in front splits as well as middle.
    It’s just such a joy to have a program to work to that feels gentle on the body, not like I’m trying to beat it into submission. The results have been quick, and the general healthy feeling in my body now is almost better than the flexibility gains!
    The customer service has been great when I’ve had questions, too. Really fast turnaround and a personalised response.
    I can’t rate this system highly enough.

    • LisaHowell

      Hi Hillary! Thanks so much for your fantastic feedback. We are so excited that you are enjoying the program so much! Keep us posted as to how you go!

  7. (verified owner)

    I ordered these from the UK and had to pay £21 in customs charges and handling fees so think others should bear this in mind when ordering. This, and the shipping, make the book and DVD an extremely expensive purchase. I cant rate it because we have not used it yet, though I hope will be as good as the other advice Lisa gives on the website is very good.

    • LisaHowell

      Hi Alice – All products now have a completely online / downloadable option to avoid this kind of issue. So sorry but any independent countries taxes are outside of our control. I hope you are enjoying the program!!

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