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Advanced Foot Control Program

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The Advanced Foot Control Program explores the anatomy of a dancer’s foot – in the way a dancer needs to know it! The new revised edition features a full colour book and over 3 hours of accompanying online video.

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Product Description

About this course.

Advanced Foot Control delves into the anatomy of the foot and ankle from a high level dancers point of view. Through a unique combination of anatomical knowledge, physiotherapy base self-treatment techniques and specific strengthening exercises, this book will help you to significantly improve the strength and functionality of your feet and dramatically reduce your risk to unnecessary foot and ankle injuries.

This is an essential resource for anyone involved in dance; whether you are a student, professional dancer, teacher or health professional. With many calling it their new foot Bible, the Advanced Foot Control for Dancers program explains in detail an area which is rarely covered in other courses.


Whats Included:

1. Either a hard copy or digital version of the new Advanced Foot Control Book!

This 90 page full colour book has been completely revised, with full colour illustrations throughout to demonstrate all of the exercises and treatment techniques in the program clearly. The book  is a great resource for any serious dance student.


2. Instant access to 10 MP4 Videos

Over 2 hours of total playing time with each video exploring one of the major muscles in the lower leg in detail. Looking at the anatomy from a dancer’s point of view and explaining all of exercises, massage techniques and stretches to make it easy to follow along at home. All videos are in MP4 format so you can either watch them online, or download them to your iPod.


3. Special Injury Reports

We have also created many Injury Reports and Bonus Taping Videos and PDFs, that help you understand injuries such as: Shin Splints, Achilles Tendonopathy, Plantar Fascia Pain, Bunions, Stress Fractures… and more! These essential reports outline everything you need to know about all of the most common dance injuries, including information on why the injury usually occurs, treatment options, what to avoid and how to progress back into class; as well as information for your therapist about the demands of a full recovery.



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