One of the main concepts that we work on with anyone wanting to get more mobile is actually assessing their nerves and how well they slide in the body.

Believe it or not, your overall flexibility often has very little to do with your muscles, and more to do with your nerves – in two different ways.
The first is actually the mechanics of your nervous system. While we often think of nerves as being these tiny, almost invisible, magical things that run all over your body, the truth is that the bigger nerves are more like rope or string. They are quite tough and when we move our body they slide rather than stretch.

The secret is in releasing the blockage, by massage Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 11.47.04 amtechniques, mobilisations and careful movements to get the nerves sliding again. In this way you can easily moving through your old level of flexibility, and keep your new found mobility much more easily!

There are many different ways of doing these techniques, however over the years I have found a selection that seems to work well for just about everyone.

This technique can be used on everyone from young children who have lost their flexibility during a growth spurt, to older people who may have never felt mobile. It can have absolutely dramatic results on people who once were flexible and then ‘lost it’.

The program is a process of exploration for everyone. Everyone has slightly different areas that are restricting them, and these areas are spread all over the body. Just because you feel tension in the area of your hamstrings does not mean that your hamstrings are at fault.

Explore your body. Use The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program as a tool to help you discover your special method and discover your true mobility!