Shawna Riggo- Dance Teacher

Company Name: Rawk Denver Dance

Facebook: Rawk Facebook Page

Location: Denver, Colorado,United States


  • Attended: Three Day Dance Teacher Training, San Diego, United States, November, 2017


Originally from Los Angeles, Shawna has spent over twenty-five years dancing and has danced professionally from Los Angeles to the Caribbean to Europe. She has continued education in physiology and continues to train as a technician, artist and teacher. Shawna's role as mentor to her students is primary. The synergy of dancer and artist can only be achieved through confidence, self-love and courageous integrity. The emphasis on character and self-development in her lessons provides her students the opportunity to discover their voice, share their invaluable gift and celebrate their unique artistry. Empowering her students to discover and radiate their light in the world coupled with the raw vulnerability of dance class allows precious space for true authenticity to shine. She will be a certified yoga therapeutic instructor and will hold a Natural Healing Practitioner Certification.


Lisa's knowledge, expertise and guidance are invaluable gifts. Since I attended her workshop in 2017, my dancers have consistently utilized all of her mobilizers, fascial tension release techniques and multitudes of strengthening exercises in every class structural routine. The results have been profound to witness. Thank you.