Maddison Meierhofer - Dance Teacher

Company Name: U of L Ballet and Acro Program


Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


  • Attended: Three Day Dance Teacher Training, Alberta, Canada, 2020
  • Attended: Two Day Flexibility Intensive on 'How to Train Extreme Mobility Safely', Alberta, Canada, 2020


I grew up dancing ballet and loved every minute of it! Although I was from a recreational school I was able to attend a professional summer dance intensive in Jackson Mississippi and perform overseas in Mozambique and Kenya.

I am a certified RAD teacher as well as certified acrobatics teacher with both Acrobatic Arts and ADTA. As a result of being incorrectly trained for the first 10 years of my dancing, I have a passion to help students learn to work with their bodies in the best way that they can and avoid dealing with the difficulties I had to deal with. Exploring how each body works and expresses itself through music and storytelling is incredibly fascinating and one of my greatest joys.


The Workshops were the best training and information I have ever received in my entire dance career. Questions about myself and my dancers that I'd struggled with for years where finally answered and explained. Integrating the work with my dancers has been super fun and rewarding. I pick one or two concepts to work on for the month and incorporate that concept into all the levels. We have had many light bulb moments! Since my studio closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic I am working to get all my classes online and have been filming concepts and exercises the students can continue to work on at home.