Kirsten, Abbie and Jemima’s Workshop Story

Kirsten, Abbie and Jemima’s Workshop Story
Dear Lisa.

It was such a thrill to meet you at the Training Turnout Workshop at the West Australian Ballet Centre today. Both of my daughters, Abbie (aged 14) and Jemima (aged 9) have loved every aspect of ballet from a very young age.

In 2009, a lack of  flexibility was preventing Abbie from achieving her own personal ballet goals.  When splits became a compulsory requirement for her performance group, and Abbie was still many inches from the ground, her teacher suggested that  we buy your video and book “Front Splits Fast”. For an entire summer holidays, Abbie (then aged 10)  along with Jemima (then only 5) practiced to your video every day. Within one month, Abbie was comfortably on the splits on both legs. To Abbie, at that time, it seemed as though she had achieved the impossible and a dream had come true.
Now after four years of seeing you regularly on our TV screen, we were all just so delighted that we actually had the opportunity to attend one of your workshops live. Not only was it amazing to actually meet you, but it also gave Abbie a chance to thank you in person for all of the help that you have given to her over the years.
We are truly grateful to you. You changed Abbie’s ballet experience years ago and she was thrilled to meet you today . I think her dream is to be a Physio for dancers with you as her inspiration! Thank you again.
Kirsten, Abbie and Jemma x