Will I Ever Dance Again

Most dancers will utter these words at least once during their career. It’s often the first thought when you go over on your ankle, when you crumple to the floor with excruciating pain in your knee, or when the doctor tells you that you need to have an operation. The shock of the injury, and the pain of it us usually compounded by a massive wave of fear that floods over you…

Your biggest fear is usually something like:

  • Will I ever be able to really dance properly again?
  • If I am off with an injury, will I lose my place in my troop/group?
  • How will I keep my strength up?
  • If I am not training I will fall behind everyone else…

Unfortunately after a serious injury, many dancers don’t get back to dancing fully again. Not because they can’t, but because they lose so much condition while being out due to injury, that their return to dance is plagued with even more injury, and it all becomes just too hard.

Giving up what you love, what you live for, or what you feel you were born to do is something that I think no one should ever have to face. The trouble is that many people don’t have access to a good Dance Physio to really make the most of their time in rehab to not only recover fully, but to get back stronger, more flexible and better than ever.

This fantastic free report goes into detail on The Top 10 Essential Elements that many dancers fail to think about when returning from injury. These elements can really make all the difference in you getting back dancing as soon as possible, keeping your body in condition and preventing the chance if re-injury at the same time.

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