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The Ballet Blog  is designed to be a one stop information shop for dancers, dance teachers, physical therapists, athletes, coaches, and healthcare providers. We believe that every person has the power to be able to try and fix themselves. We post regular content about preventing injury, relieving pain, fixing common movement problems, and optimizing athletic performance. Our goal is to create a fully searchable and easy to use resource library, continue to provide high-quality content for our users, and to offer webinars, anatomy and movement articles and comprehensive programs to help you reach your maximum potential.

There are several ways to use

The blog page is a way to keep you up to date on the latest things happening within the dance industry as well as any upcoming events. Our blog articles are also the core of this site, where in-depth posts and videos will continue be posted on a regular basis. Our library hosts hundreds of articles that can be easily searched by going directly to the blog page or searching by topic in the search field. Once you reach the blog page you will see all articles in chronological order. You can either view the current articles or you can use the easy filters to quickly and easily sort The Ballet Blog content based on a variety of categories to identify the articles that are most helpful to you.

While we recognize that dancers are well equipped with skills to help themselves, we also understand that some things require more explanation. Our products are comprehensive and easy to follow programs that can last anywhere from a few weeks through to a few years to help you prevent injury, move passed any restrictions you may be experiencing or simply improve your technique. Our products cover areas ranging from increasing flexibility, injury rehab, injury prevention and pre-pointe training and advanced dance technique.

Lisa Howell and The Ballet Blog Team regularly travel around the globe delivering workshops and seminars to help dancers reach their full potential. This section of the website is where you can find out when and where the next workshop tour will commence so you can purchase tickets.

Most of our products come with additional content which is available in the Members Areas section. This section is complete with bonus videos and answers to specific dance related questions.

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