Use the latest research in dance medicine & anatomy to advance your student’s technique and maximise their potential.



We have many workshops that are available to be run at your dance school, ranging from lectures and student workshops to full day teacher training workshops.

The progressions achieved in these workshops will benefit students in all styles of dance, with techniques learnt in the sessions being applied easily into dance class that day. If you are interested in holding some of these workshops please download the form below, fill it out and return to us.

Download our Workshop Info Pack for more information.

These unique workshops combine specialised physiotherapy knowledge to accelerate the development of a dancer's technique, by eliminating many of the common physical restrictions including reduced pointe range, restricted turnout and decreased flexibility and core control. The courses are fun and engaging for all students, and they leave with a wonderful feeling of empowerment, with the tools to transform their own body!

Most workshops are 2 hours long and based around one of our resources, such as the Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program. All students participating will receive the appropriate manual, included in the course fee. Please note that we do have age restrictions on some classes due to the depth of the content. However, we can customise certain classes to the ages of your students if needed.

Workshops Available (All 2 Hours):

  • Advanced Foot Control (ages 14+) – Teachers version also available
  • Front Splits Fast (ages 13+) – Teachers version also available
  • The Perfect Pointe Book A (ages 10+)
  • The Perfect Pointe Book B (ages 10+)
  • Ball Conditioning For Dancers (ages 12+)
  • Dance Conditioning 1 (ages 10+)
  • Dance Conditioning 2 (ages 13+)
  • Core Stability Course (ages 13+)
  • Training Turnout (ages 13+)
  • Body Image Workshop (all ages)
  • Will I Ever Dance Again? (ages 13+)
  • The Perfect Pointe System – Teachers Only (4 hours)

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Our shorter (60-90 minute) classes can help your students overcome common issues seen in class or we can customise one to fit your needs. Classes are available to dance schools around the Sydney area either in combination with workshop for a once off event or on a more regular bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Classes Available:

  • Safe Warm Up And Cool Down
  • How To Look After Your Feet
  • Amazing Arabesques
  • How To Look After Your Body In The Holidays
  • Basic Pre Pointe Preparation
  • How To Always Perform At Your Peak

OR Make Your Own Class!

Most dance teachers have several areas that they know their students are struggling with yet may find it difficult to come up with ways of resolving this for the whole class. If you are having any issues within a class of students (such as chronic Achilles pain) let us know and we can structure a class to fit your needs!

Download our Workshop Info Pack for more information.


In addition to our student workshops, dance schools can also host 4 hour workshops for their teachers.

Teacher Workshops Available:

  • Advanced Foot Control (Teachers Version) - ages 18+
  • Front Splits Fast (Teachers Version) - ages 18+
  • Training Turnout (Teachers Version) - ages 18+
  • The Perfect Pointe System – (Teachers Only) - ages 18+

Download our Workshop Info Pack for more information.

Please Note: These teacher workshops are separate to the Level 1 & 2 Teacher Training workshops sold on There is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants in any Teachers Workshops. The dance studio host will be responsible for driving their own sales and providing equipment for the workshop. 



The opportunity to learn about the body and have the time and expert supervision to practice is invaluable in producing strong, well rounded, and injury free dancers!

Our Dance Education Workshops & Classes are a wonderful opportunity to accelerate the development of your students, learn more about how best to train both young and mature aged dancers, whilst having a whole lot of fun in the process. We offer a unique array of special workshops for dancers to educate them about such areas as turnout, foot control, flexibility and core stability that can be held at your dance school.

All workshops and classes are $250 per hour ($300 with Lisa Howell). One on one private consultations can be arranged at $150 per hour if 2 or more workshops are booked. For all 2 hour workshops, students are required to have the appropriate book. These can be purchased at a 50% discount if the student has not already own the resource. National and International Workshops may incur travel and accommodation expenses in addition to the workshop fees.

For more information or to book any combination of classes or workshops, please contact us on (02) 9911 7721 or email us at


Lisa Howell

Owner, Senior Physiotherapist

Sally Harisson

Senior Physiotherapist

Erin Riddell


Kathryn Rowling



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