The Perfect Pointe System

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‘The Perfect Pointe System’ takes the science of dance medicine out of the text book and into the classroom! Enjoy the combination of anatomical and scientific research in a clear and easy-to-use format to transform your teaching of pointe work to young students.

The original hard copy of The Perfect Pointe System is currently out of stock as Lisa is in the process of updating and reformatting the program. This will hopefully be launched mid next year.  However, we have had a lot of enquiries about the program, and so we have created an online version of the program so you can get started straight away. You will then have the option of upgrading to the new version for a minimal fee when it has been released.

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  • Learn a comprehensive process of pre-pointe assessment!
  • Gain confidence and the understanding of how best to prepare a student for pointe work!
  • See your student’s progress at accelerated rates!
  • Advance your knowledge under the clear simple guidance of a leading Dance Physical Therapist!

The Perfect Pointe System Manual is available in either a Hard Copy or PDF/Online version and includes in-depth explanations of over 25 special tests ensuring comprehensive screening to guarantee a safe progression onto pointe. However the manual is just the beginning! The Perfect Pointe System is a complete package to give you all of the information needed to safely guide your students onto pointe.

The Exclusive Online Members Area Includes :

  • Access to all of the PDF files you need to make the most of this system. This includes:
    • Our unique pre-pointe assessment sheets with a simple marking system that you can use to frequently assess your students’ progress;
    • PDF’s of class plans to help seamlessly integrate the system into your studio
    • Growth charts for recording the rate of growth of students over the pre-pointe and beginner pointe years.
    • The Art and Science of Assessing a Student for Pointe Work Poster in PDF – Get a copy of the poster awarded the “The Greatest Contribution To Dance Medicine” at the 2007 IADMS conference! Get this poster printed locally up to (2m x 1.8 m in size) and display on the wall of your studio to help students and parents alike learn all of the components required for safe progression onto pointe.
  • Several hours of videos of live events, with Lisa teaching dance teachers how to use The Perfect Pointe System to assess students for pointe
    • Footage of a case study applying the system of assessment to an older student returning to pointe following an injury
    • Footage of Lisa conducting The Perfect Pointe System as a workshop in various locations
  • 26 Audio files describing all of the assessment tests in detail. These includes tips on how the tests can be interpreted and used to help your students’ progress in the safest way possible
  • Guidance of how to build pre-pointe strengthening into current class work – As well as ideas for specific pre-pointe classes.
  • Visualization Ideas – to encourage correct technique with each test.
  • In depth discussion of other factors that must be considered when progressing students onto pointe – ie: Age and Skeletal Maturity, Hyper-mobility, Height, Weight and Maturity.
  • Advice on fitting pointe shoes and safe beginner pointe exercises.


“I love The Perfect Pointe System and I’ve had much success with it in my classes. I have now progressed several students onto pointe who are doing beautifully, and I have several more who will be ready to commence pointe work soon. My students absolutely love Lisa’s program, and it’s been such a wonderful addition to our studio. Since I started using The Perfect Pointe System in my Pre-Pointe class, the enrolment in that course has nearly doubled!! I even have students who have been en pointe since before I got the system taking the class because they want that comprehensive, full-body evaluation and training. We are located in a heavily populated suburban area with a LOT of dance studios close by,  and featuring training like The Perfect Pointe System and the Front Splits Fast program is something that really sets us apart from our neighbours.”

– Brittany Gacek, Elite Academy of Dance, Illinois USA


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