Level 3 – Foot & Ankle Injuries – Brisbane, QLD – 26-28 June, 2023

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  • Do your dancers struggle with frequent foot and ankle injuries that put them out of action at the worst possible times?
  • What if there was a way to prevent many common injuries, and ensure the best possible healing of any current issues?

Our Level 3 – Foot and Ankle workshop is a 3 day, in-depth exploration of the dancers foot, and the multiple factors that impact recovery. It is perfect for Heath Practitioners who work with dancers, as well as high level dance teachers.

You will learn how to assess the dancers foot in detail, effectively manage current foot injuries, and gain an in-depth understanding of how to avoid many preventable injuries in dancers. The course includes multiple taping techniques and rehabilitation guides to help dancers suffering with foot injuries recover as quickly as possible.

The course fee includes: 

  • Three Day Workshop – 18 contact hours
  • Detailed, full colour, professionally printed course manual
  • Gift bag with tape and cream used in the course
  • Lunches and snacks for the duration of the course
  • Extensive online resources to support learning


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How to Improve your Pointe Range Safely - Pre-Reading

It is highly recommended that you are familiar with The How to Improve your Pointe Range Safely Program, before attending the Level Three Foot and Ankle Injuries Intensive, to review the anatomy and help understand Lisa's approach.

This unique program works through specific assessment of the foot to determine the exact points of restriction, then employs a specific set of self massage, mobilisation techniques and specific exercises to achieve your maximal pointe range safely!

Please note that this is a digital product only and will give you access to the videos and ebook online, for hardcopy books order directly through Amazon. This resource is available at a 20% discount when you secure your spot on the Level Three Foot and Ankle Injuries Intensive.


Join Lisa for three full days in Brisbane (QLD, Australia) for this completely revised workshop in the Dance Educator Series.

Level 3 – Understanding and Managing Foot and Ankle Injuries in Dancers

  • Dates:  26th –  28th June, 2023 (Monday – Wednesday)
  • Times: 9am to 4pm daily
  • Location: Bayside Dance
  • Address: 2/264 Tingal Road, Wynnum, QLD, 4178, AU
  • Directions: CLICK HERE to get directions.

The Course has four main parts: 

  • Part 1: Understanding Normal – The Anatomy of the Dancers Foot:
    • Understanding how the dancers foot should work in an ideal world is essential in correctly identifying the often minor issues that can lead to recurrent injuries.
    • This is a critical part of the process, so we will review and refine the assessment process over the three days, ensuring you leave feeling confident in assessing your dancers feet by the completion of the course.
  • Part 2: Common Foot Injuries:
    • In this section we look at how deviations from normal can lead to common foot injuries, including:
      • Plantar Fascia Pain
      • Pain at the Back of the Ankle
      • Severs Disease
      • Stress Fractures
      • Bunions
      • “Shin Splints”
      • Lateral Ankle Sprains
    • For each of these issues we explore
      • The Anatomy – What is actually wrong
      • The main causes – and how it can be prevented
      • What to expect from physical therapy
      • Effective hands-on treatment techniques
      • Taping techniques
      • An outline of the rehab process
      • How to manage this injury in the classroom
  • Part 3: Returning to Class:
    • This is one of the most crucial stages in managing dancers foot injuries. We look at the common pitfalls of returning to class too quickly, along with ways to keep dancers engaged during the rehab process. A thorough and detailed return to class plan is the key to returning safely to dance and preventing recurrence of the same injury in the future.
    • We provide templates that can be customised based on the age and experience of the dancer, as well as their particular set of contributing factors.
  • Part 4: Prevention:
    • The ideal scenario is where these injuries are prevented before they even start.
    • Regular screening is a must, so we look at ways that this can be done within the studio or clinical environment.
    • We look at creative ideas to help busy dancers fit detailed conditioning programs into their schedules, and sample class plans to weave specific conditioning into each levels ongoing training.




What’s Included:

  • 18 hours of teaching spread over 3 Days with a combination of  practical and theoretical components.
  • Materials Provided:
    • A detailed printed manual which includes both the theoretical components and practical exercises discussed in the course.
    • 1x roll of Dynamic Tape to practice the taping techniques demonstrated during the workshop.
    • 1 x pot of massage cream
    • Spare assessment sheets for multiple assessments during the course.
  • Additional resources: We have curated several specific Injury Management Guides to help you understand and manage issues such as Posterior Impingement that your dancers maybe experiencing. You will also receive Assessment Sheets and Home Exercise Plans to track their progress.
  • Unlimited access to the online Members Area: After the workshop will you be given access to the Level Three Foot Injuries Members area, giving you lifetime access to numerous pre-recorded videos as well as the assessment sheets & student workbook. 
  • Lunch & Snacks Included: The course fee also covers lunch and snacks for the two days. Vegetarian, gluten and dairy free options are provided, however if you have any major food allergies or restrictions it is advised to self cater.
  • CEC Accreditation: After the workshop, you will be emailed the CEC Accreditation Application Form, which is designed as an overview of the online course in order for you to appropriately claim CEC credits with your governing body for 18 contact hours of continued education.


LoL3 Foot injuries Brisbane 2023cation details for this course: 

  • Location: Bayside Dance
  • Address: 2/264 Tingal Road, Wynnum, QLD, 4178, AU
  • Directions: CLICK HERE to get directions.
  • Dates:  26th –  28th June, 2023 (Monday – Wednesday)
  • Times: 9am to 4pm daily