Level 2 – Flexibility Intensive – Brooklyn, NY – 16-17 August 2023

$440.00 AUD

For Dance Teachers and Heath Professionals who work with Dancers

16th & 17th August, 2023


** Due to the host studio following Jewish, orthodox guidelines, this workshop is only open to females**

  • Do you have students who struggle with flexibility, no matter how hard they stretch?
  • Do they not like the feeling of stretching, or pull up stiffer the next day?
  • Would you like an easier, more effective way to screen and train your students for optimal mobility, with exercises they love to do?

Update your understanding of flexibility training by exploring the nuances of the many different systems that affect mobility in this two day workshop designed especially for dance educators. Get the best of both worlds by maximising mobility and preventing injury simultaneously!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Rapidly improve mobility in your students in both studio and clinical settings
  • Master the art of using specific exercises based on the quality of restriction
  • Understand the order of priority when trying to improve flexibility long-term
  • Systematically unravel restrictions that may otherwise go undetected
  • Achieve a gentler, more effective, and less dangerous approach to flexibility training.

The Course Fee includes:

  • 14 hours of teaching spread over 2 Days.
  • Professionally printed, full colour course manual.
  • CEC Accreditation for 14 contact hours of education.
  • A comprehensive set of additional resources
  • Unlimited access to the Level Two Flexibility Intensive Members Area
  • Lunch & snacks for both days, including GF, DF and Vegetarian options

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Additional Resources

Front Splits Fast Program - Pre-Reading

It is highly recommended that you are familiar with The Front Splits Fast Program, before attending the Level Two Flexibility Intensive to help understand Lisa's approach to Flexibility Training. Please note that this is a digital product only and will give you access to the videos and ebook online, for hardcopy books order directly through Amazon. This resource is available at a 20% discount when you secure your spot on the Level Two Flexibility Intensive.


Our in-person workshops are back in 2023!

Join Lisa Howell for 2 days this August in Brooklyn (NY, United States) for the Level 2 – Flexibility Intensive in the Dance Educator Series.

  • Location: Jewish Center for the Performing Arts
  • Address: 1785 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11210, United States
  • Dates:  Wednesday 16th August & Thursday 17th August, 2023
  • Times: 9am to 5pm daily

Outline of the Program:





Part 1: Assessment: In order to effectively work on any individual’s flexibility, we must acknowledge each of the structures that may restrict mobility and to what proportion they are contributing to any individual’s stiffness in any one area. Carefully assessing range of motion in different directions, with awareness of what sensation is experienced and what this means, allows for the most optimal mobilisation techniques to be chosen for that individuals flexibility program.

Part 2: Improving Range & The Order Of Priority: We explore the Order of Priority, and effective and efficient techniques for improving range for all different types of restrictions. Keep in mind that not all techniques are appropriate for all dancers at all ties. The most effective technique will be based on what the dancer FEELS in that particular moment. Remember that this can change from day to day and over tie, so your flexibility program should be dynamic and responsive at all times.

Part 3: Improving Range Long Term: It is one thing to improve range in the moment, but to improve range exponentially over time is another. We look at the common reasons why flexibility often regresses after short term improvements, and ways to counter this for long-lasting change.






L2 Flex Fascia
Taping techniques for flexibility

Course Schedule

Day One

 (9am to 5pm)

Day One focuses on understanding the nature of flexibility, how to assess each individuals particular restrictions and the order of progression of which restrictions need be worked on for optimal efficiency and safety in flexibility gains.

We explore how each of the components of flexibility can be worked with intelligently to create lasting change in flexibility. The exercises in this level are suitable for all attendees, and many teachers who have not moved well for years discover are delighted that carefully chosen assessment and ‘treatment’ techniques can open up their range in a pain free way.

Assessing Range - The course commences with some exploration of how to carefully assess each individual's particular restrictions, taking note of the quality of the restriction, as well as the range. This leads into an understanding of the order of priority in which restrictions need be worked on for optimal efficiency and safety in flexibility gains.

The Importance of the Breath - Effective breathing mechanics can have a surprisingly effective impact on many individuals flexibility. We look at assessing and improving the dynamics of breathing as well as several effective retraining exercises.

Bone & Joint Restrictions - We look at assessing the hip and spine to determine any bone-on-bone or joint restrictions. We look at the anatomical variability in the shape of the hip joint and how this affects range of motion, and the alignment that each individual will need to focus on in class. We revise several exercises introduced in Level 1, plus lots of new ones to help resolve these restrictions safely.

The Nervous System - We explore the role of the nervous system on flexibility via both its function and mechanical properties. We explore how each of these aspects can be worked with intelligently to create lasting change in flexibility.

Day Two

(9am to 5pm)

Day Two includes a revision of Day One – with a discussion of ways of including the various techniques and progressions in a class situation and we run a ‘real time’ mobilisation session to get everyone feeling great. We also look at seemingly innocent common habits that contribute to a reduction in flexibility.

The Fascial System - The fascial system can affect mobility in a number of ways. We explore the nature of fascia and then look at various mobilisation techniques to specifically target fascial restrictions. We look at the unique challenge of training flexibility in the presence of Hypermobility, as well as improving range in those with a more robust fascial system.

The Muscular System - While traditional static stretches are not the most effective way of improving flexibility, understanding how the muscular system affects flexibility is still very important. We look at when muscular stretches are appropriate as well as the art of eccentric training to create long, strong muscles.

Taping Techniques - In some cases, a lack of flexibility is actually due to a lack of stability. We look at some helpful taping techniques that may be used to support the deepest stabilising layers in order to accelerate flexibility training.

Dealing with Growth Spurts - Many adolescents struggle with their mobility during periods of growth. Unfortunately, many people have listened to the Urban Myth that "bones grow faster than muscles" and fail to learn the real reason behind a loss of flexibility during this time.

Resolving Flexibility Issues Long Term - Finally we look at other ways of continuing to work on flexibility long term.

Question Time - Due to the depth of content covered in this dance educator workshop, we make sure to leave time to cover additional questions at the end of Day Two. 


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