Level 2 Intensive Series in SANTA CRUZ, USA


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Location: Int’l Academy of DAnce
Address: 320 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA


Level 2 Courses:

Pointe Intensive – Monday 12th August 2019
Core Intensive – Tuesday 13th August 2019
Flexibility Intensive – Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th August 2019

The Level 2 Intensive Workshops allow you to focus and grow in each specific area of dance technique. Each one is delivered as a full one or two day workshop, that can be taken in your area of interest. These intensive classes allow each area to be explored in greater detail and provides age appropriate progressions, modifications for injury & personal experience.


By ticking this box, I understand that any of the material gained from these workshops can exclusively be used for the educational purposes of my teaching. Redistribution of this material, either electronically or physically, is not allowed as well as dissemination of the information within these courses for personal profit.




This is a breakdown of the Level 2 intensive workshops to give you some idea of the content covered and the structure of each day.


Pointe Intensive – 12th August 2019 – $330 AUD

Girls dance on pointe for most of their careers as ballet dancers so getting it right at the very beginning is crucial to ensure a long lasting career, one that is injury free! This workshop is designed to give you the most up-to-date advice in the industry to help you understand your students’ needs and give you the tools to help your students become the best dancer they can be.

Progressing onto pointe is a big step for many young, aspiring ballet dancers, signifying a leap into the more professional world of ballet. In saying this, pointe work can be tricky for some feet. While some may find it hard to fully rise over the block of the shoe, others may be dealing with excessive mobility within the major joints of the foot and find that they have very little control over their ankles. Since every dancer is different, the journey onto pointe is going to differ for every dancer. In this single day workshop, we explore the anatomical differences of young feet and how best to accelerate a young dancer’s journey onto pointe.

The first half of the day reviews the assessment prior to going onto pointe, that includes lots of the work covered in the Level 1 course, but particularly targeted to the requirements for pointe. We then dive into the world of pointe shoes, exploring all of the elements that combine for finding the perfect fit. We look at the optimal way to commence beginner pointe work, with a series of preparatory exercises that are often missed in young dancers training. Finally we look at ways of including all of the concepts explored into regular class work and your studio.

Please note that you do not have to be en pointe to attend this workshop! We will have demonstration models for the pre-pointe assessment and pointe exercises. However, if you are currently en pointe, feel free to bring your shoes to explore the work in your own body.


Core Intensive – 13th August 2019 – $330 AUD

How we approach the training of the core has evolved drastically over the last 10 years to include a much more holistic approach. Recent focuses include how to incorporate breath into our training of the core to subtly activate muscles like the pelvic floor and Transverse Abdominus in an more effective way. Core training does not focus solely on training the abdominal muscles but must look at the interconnected muscular contractions of small stabilisers throughout the body to create their true stability rather than brute strength. The new approach looks at utilising the body’s natural ability to stabilise itself and how exercises can be done to further reinforce that mechanism whilst also raising kinaesthetic awareness.

The course is broken down into stages with each stage comprised of different exercise assessments, allowing the dancer and teacher to gauge at which level they currently stand. Each stage becomes incrementally harder to involve more elements and dynamic movement of the spine. We look at five different positions and five different grades of exercises to help devise the optimal core program for each individual. This course is suitable for anyone, from those with chronic back pain to high level performers, as each stage will be gradually explored. This work is ideal for overcoming chronic issues with spinal stability as it is extremely specific. Again, we will have student models so you will not have to do every exercise, but the initial stages are very accessible for everyone.


Flexibility Intensive – 14th & 15th August 2019 – $500 AUD

Due to popular demand – this workshop has been extended into our BRAND NEW 2 day Flexibility Intensive, which also explores how to train extreme mobility safely!

The body of research & development around the art of training flexibility continues to grow. Understanding the relevance of this new research to the dancing body is essential for all students, teachers and health professionals. Many traditional stretches and even many “Myofascial Release Techniques” may actually be doing more harm than good.

Flexibility or lack of it cannot be fully contributed to muscle tension and must be looked at more comprehensively to understand the true cause of any restrictions in one’s range of motion.  Factors like joint shape or position, neural tension, fascial tension, breath, postural habits and even emotion can all contribute to lack of flexibility in an individual. In this one day workshop, Lisa addresses each of these issues and looks at common cases in individuals and how to effectively treat these issues.

Day One focusses on understanding the nature of flexibility, how to assess each individuals particular restrictions and the order of progression of which restrictions need be worked on for optimal efficiency and safety in flexibility gains. We explore the importance of the breath, how to work with ‘bone-on-bone’ restriction, the nervous system (on multiple levels), the fascial system and the influence of muscle tone on mobility. We explore how each of the components of flexibility can be worked with intelligently to create lasting change in flexibility. The exercises in this level are suitable for all attendees, and many teachers who have not moved well for years discover are surprised and delighted that  carefully chosen assessment and ‘treatment’ techniques can open up their range in a pain free way!

Day Two includes a revision of Day One – with a discussion of ways of including the various techniques and progressions in a class situation and we run a ‘real time’ mobilisation session to get everyone feeling great. We also look at seemingly innocent common habits that contribute to a reduction in flexibility. The rest of the day is spent exploring how to use modifications of the techniques to train dancers, gymnasts, contortionists and martial artists into the extreme positions that they require for high level competition in the safest way possible. Safely improving and maintaining extreme range is highly dependent on subtle segmental stability of local stabilisers to control joint position, and understanding this can not only help performers achieve phenomenal range safely, but this can also help extend their career potential, and live a pain free life following retirement from competing.

Again, Do not worry if you struggle with your mobility! We will have several demonstration models as well as the course presenter to demonstrate some of the higher level elements so you will not feel obliged to perform any movement that is not part of your normal repertoire.



Completing the 3 day Teacher Training is recommended prior to attending any of the Full Day Intensives. If you feel that you require some pre-course reading material to get up to speed, please contact us for advice. 

For full details of the content of our other Full Day Intensives, please CLICK HERE.

The registration fee for each course includes a full colour course book, lunch and refreshments. Strictly limited to just 24 Participants.

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Location: Int’l Academy of Dance
Address: 320 Encinal St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, USA

Dates: 12th – 15th August 2019

Pointe Intensive – Monday 12th August 
9:00am – 5:00pm
Core Intensive – Tuesday 13th August
9:00am – 5:00pm
Flexibility Intensive – Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th August 9:00am – 4:00pm

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Level 2 Courses

Pointe Intensive 12th August, Core Intensive 13th August, Flexibility Intensive 14th & 15th August


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