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As dance teachers it is imperative to help your students to understand the Anatomy of the dancer’s body, so with this in mind we have created a series of Anatomy posters for you to print out and display in your studio. All posters have been designed in a A3 format. These posters are a great addition to the studio, to make it easy for teachers to explain the anatomy behind the movement to dance students. With clear anatomical images and descriptions of how each muscle works in a dancer, they are an essential tool for training intelligent dancers.

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The Core Series: 

    • The Anatomy of Breathing:  Very few dancers are aware of just how much a poor breathing influences their flexibility, their core stability and their health in general.
    • The Inner Core Unit:  Mastering subtle control of the inner core muscles is essential for any dancer wanting to achieve Effortless Dynamic stability.
    • The Outer Core: The Dynamic Slings:  Effective cross patterning via the functional lines / fascial slings helps create dynamic core stability. The base of these slings is developed when a baby spends time crawling, but this patterning must be reinforced with progressive training.
    • The Importance of Crawling:  Crawling is a very important developmental milestone to not only go through, but also to revisit frequently to develop and maintain optimal functioning of the human body.
    • Adult Crawling:  This is a great exercise to help develop connections in the Anterior Oblique and Posterior Oblique slings which normally get developed when babies learn to crawl. It helps develop dynamic, spontaneous core stability, and is an ideal exercise to include in a warm up or conditioning program.



If you are a dance teacher or health professional and would like to delve deeper into this topic CLICK HERE. 

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The Core Series

The Full Core Series – PDF, The Anatomy of Breathing – PDF, The Inner Core – PDF, Dynamic Slings – PDF, Importance of Crawling – PDF, Adult Crawling – PDF


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