2 Day Flexibility Intensive – Level 2 Teacher Training in BRIGHTON, UK

$500.00 AUD

Location: I-Star Academy 
Address: Shoreham Academy, Kingston Lane, Southwick, BN43 6YQ

Saturday 27th April 
10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 28th April 10:00am – 5:00pm

Due to the location of this workshop in a high level Rhythmic Gymnastics training facility, we have extended the original single day workshop into a 2 day in-depth dive into the training of flexibility at all levels, from beginners through to advanced performance athletes.

Day One focusses on understanding the nature of flexibility, how to assess each individuals particular restrictions and the order of progression of which restrictions need be worked on for optimal efficiency and safety in flexibility gains. We explore the importance of the breath, how to work with ‘bone-on-bone’ restriction, the nervous system (on multiple levels), the fascial system and the influence of muscle tone on mobility. We explore how each of the components of flexibility can be worked with intelligently to create lasting change in flexibility. The exercises in this level are suitable for all attendees, and many teachers who have not moved well for years discover are surprised and delighted that  carefully chosen assessment and ‘treatment’ techniques can open up their range in a pain free way!

Day Two includes a revision of Day One – with a discussion of ways of including the various techniques and progressions in a class situation and we run a ‘real time’ mobilisation session to get everyone feeling great. We also look at seemingly innocent common habits that contribute to a reduction in flexibility. The rest of the day is spent exploring how to use modifications of the techniques to train dancers, gymnasts, contortionists and martial artists into the extreme positions that they require for high level competition in the safest way possible. Safely improving and maintaining extreme range is highly dependent on subtle segmental stability of local stabilisers to control joint position, and understanding this can not only help performers achieve phenomenal range safely, but this can also help extend their career potential, and live a pain free life following retirement from competing. Do not worry if you struggle with your mobility! We will have several well trained Rhythmic Gymnasts along as demonstration models so you will not feel obliged to perform any movement that is not part of your normal repertoire.

By ticking this box, I understand that any of the material gained from these workshops can exclusively be used for the educational purposes of my teaching. Redistribution of this material, either electronically or physically, is not allowed as well as dissemination of the information within these courses for personal profit.

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Product Description

Due to the location of this workshop in a high level Rhythmic Gymnastics training facility, we have extended the original single day workshop into a 2 day in-depth dive into the training of flexibility at all levels, from beginners through to advanced performance athletes.

This course aims to give dance teachers, therapists, pilates and yoga instructors a range of suitable exercises, stretches and fascial mobilisers that will help their students achieve their best possible range. Since the science behind flexibility has changed, it only makes sense that the methods we use to increase flexibility change too. A multifaceted approach to flexibility is now recommend with students recognising what type of restriction they are feeling and mobilising that structure specifically rather than just pushing through it. There are many types of restriction that may be holding them back from their full range, including muscular, neural, fascial or even a bony restrictions in some individuals. Identifying which type of blockage is present and using specific techniques to release the varying types of restrictions is the quickest and most effective way to increasing mobility.

Participants are taught a holistic, no stress approach to flexibility to reduce stress in all areas of the body. The course uses a synthesis of ancient wisdom and the latest anatomical research, incorporating but not limited to therapeutic treatment techniques, the principles of yoga and the anatomical fascial trains model from Thomas Myers.

We discuss the best ways to incorporate these techniques into the dance classroom and into the students’ conditioning programs. A basic understanding of conditions like Hypermobility is given to cater for the increasing numbers of students with extreme mobility in the dance world today. Specific ‘dos and dont’s’ are outlined for pre-class warming up/stretching routines and the post class conditioning routine.

This session takes the original course even further and looks at how to train extreme mobility safely. Leading to happier, healthier, and more capable performers.

Completing the 3 day Teacher Training is recommended prior to attending any of the Full Day Intensives. If you feel that you require some pre-course reading material to get up to speed, please contact us for advice. 

For full details of the content of our other Full Day Intensives, please CLICK HERE.

Each course will be $500.00 AUD (excl. GST) including course book, lunch and refreshments. Strictly limited to just 20 Participants.

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Location: I-Star Academy 
Address: Shoreham Academy, Kingston Lane, Southwick, BN43 6YQ

Dates: 27 – 28th April 2019

Saturday 27th April 
10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 28th April 10:00am – 5:00pm


Specific instructions for travel and parking:
Bus Route
Bus routes from Brighton & Hove number 700 coastliner or the number 2 bus to Shoreham and Southwick.
Train Station
Nearest train station is Southwick which is a 15 minute walk from the gym.
Shoreham-by-Sea station is a 30-40 minute walk but less than 10 minutes by taxi.
Easiest airport would be Gatwick as the Gatwick express goes to Brighton and Hove in one stop. You can take a train on Southern Rail from Gatwick Airport to Shoreham-by-Sea station directly as well. 
Parking is free and available at the venue.


There are many options for hotels in Brighton & Hove as it is a popular tourist destination.

All  hotels below  are within a 10-20 minute drive from the venue.
There are also a number of Air BnBs and regular bed and breakfasts in Brighton and Hove.
There are also some smaller independent hotels nearer the venue, but there is much more choice available as you go towards Brighton.
You can get to the venue from Brighton by bus, train or taxi.

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