Will I Ever Dance Again? Coming Soon!!!!

This is the story of a young dancer pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer in Europe, who had to return to Australia due to a serious injury. An injury that made her ask “Will I ever dance again?”

It tells of her struggle, and of her triumph, and goes through every stage of the practical rehabilitation process that we used to get her back dancing better than ever.

This extraordinary program aims to change that, by giving dancers an intense program of conditioning and technique enhancement that they can use while resting the injured foot, to allow for a full recovery, without falling behind their peers.

Many dancers avoid even consulting a medical practitioner about an injury because they are terrified at the concept of taking time off. This, combined with the old adage of “no pain, no gain…” that I strongly disagree with has lead to thousands of dancers dancing through injuries, rather than taking the time to fully heal. This can then lead to permanent damage and the premature death of a career in dance, or a lifetime of pain following one.

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“It is essential to get good articles on managing your dancing by consulting with a therapist who specialises in working with dancers. If you are within Australia, then make an appointment to see one of our fantastic physios at Perfect Form Physio, or check our physiotherapy for dancers.”



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