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When can I go en pointe?

Ballet dancers young and old often see the progression onto pointe as a rite of passage in their dancing career. However, pointe work is not right for everyone, and if started too early, or without the proper preparation can cause various injuries. Often fraught with questions, progressing onto pointe can be confusing and very complicated for younger dancers. Below is are some videos that help to answer some of the trickier questions about pointe work from a dance physiotherapist's perspective.

Why do you need a pre-pointe assessment?

Can a regular physio do a pre-pointe assessment?

When is the best time to have a pre-pointe assessment?

How many pre-pointe assessments do you need?

Do you get a report after your pre-pointe assessment?

How to prepare for your pre-pointe assessment!

Does pointe work damage your feet?

Should you get an x-ray before starting en pointe?

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