Fascial Tension is the way that Fascia works to help us stay upright, move dance and play. It helps us live, but it can also hold us back if there is too much of it in a certain direction.

Most people learn anatomy by learning about the bones and the muscles that attach to them. This is a good start, but is not really an accurate picture of our true anatomy. We are not just a skeleton held together with muscles and ligaments. A better picture is to imagine a mass of tissues including muscles, bones and ligaments, bound together, organized and coordinated by a complex web of fascia.

Imagine your fascia as looking like an enormous spider web that covers over every one of your muscles and links it to the next one. It intertwines with everything in your body, including your stomach, your lungs, your eyes and your toes.

If you have ever seen a raw chicken before it is prepared for cooking, you may remember an iridescent layer between the flesh of the muscles and the skin. This is the fascia of the chicken, and it looks pretty much the same in humans!

Therapists all over the world have been working with the concept of Fascial Tension for generations. Ida Rolf, Thomas Myers and many others worked on the theory that tension in our bodies is held in the system of connective tissue that covers over and runs through every muscle in our bodies. They all had their different theories about how tension was best released or used, but all agreed that tension could be held in different areas due to poor movement patterns, emotional tension or chronic postures.

I have seen (and felt) such amazing results with working on the fascial system that I had to find a way to teach this to the world. The myth of flexibility having anything to do with “Short Muscles” has been promoted for far too long, and it is time that some more effective, more truthful and more intelligent techniques are used to achieve our potential!

This is what drove me to create the Front Splits Fast! Flexibility Program as I believe everyone should have access to this groundbreaking knowledge.


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