The Ultimate Rehab Program For Dancers

Many dancers contact us due to the struggles that they have had with finding the right practitioner, and getting into the right rehab process for their injury. Many dancers have injuries troubling them for years, that should have been resolved in a matter of weeks, had they been dealt with effectively in the beginning.


The ultimate rehab program for dancers must include modifications to allow for relative rest of the injured part, while challenging the rest of the body significantly, to make it even stronger when you return to class. Also, special attention must be made on correcting all of the contributing factors that may have led to the injury developing in the first place, to avoid the same injury coming back when you return to dance.


This video explains all about some modifications that you must use when recovering from some specific foot and ankle injuries, as well as more information on the revolutionary new program “Will I Ever Dance Again?”
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“It is essential to get good articles on managing your dancing by consulting with a therapist who specialises in working with dancers. If you are within Australia, then make an appointment to see one of our fantastic physios at Perfect Form Physio, or or book in for a skype consult.”
Dance Injury

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