A Plan For The Holiday Season - Free PDF

Are you unsure about what to do or how to use your time best during the break? Do you know what exercises to practice?

Rest allows dancers or any sportsperson the ability to perform at their peak and to prevent injury. However, some dancers are scared of losing the strength and flexibility that they have gained during the year over a long period of rest. Others participate in holiday workshops and holiday competitions and therefore don’t allow the mind and body enough time to rest or recover. Going into Term 1 in the New Year can be a daunting task if you have been doing too much during the break, so what’s the right thing to do?

This article discusses the 2 types of dancers we see to help you determine what is the best plan of action for you during this holiday period.


Dance Conditioning Resources

If you are looking to delve deeper into this topic, check out the following programs:

  • The Dance Conditioning One Program: The “Dance Conditioning One” program is a wonderful collection of exercises and releases for beginner and intermediate dance students, those under the age of 16 years or with less than four years training. This program includes a range of Pilates and Yoga based exercises specifically geared towards improving your core stability, turnout and footwork.
  • Level One Dance Teacher and Therapist Training: This unique course covers a multitude of assessment and treatment techniques to individualise a dancer's training. With special focuses on Postural Control, Core Stability, Flexibility, Basic Classical Technique, The Dancers Hip, Allegro, Spinal Mobility and Arabesques, it is suitable for anyone working closely with dancers.