Perfectionism, Honesty, and Knee Pain (odd title I know!)

Hi Guys,


It's been another crazy week here, but in a beautiful kind of way. Seems the shifting, changing, and evolving just keeps on coming, but learning to welcome it all with open arms.

One big challenge I faced this week was letting my friend Meron Baraket air a podcast that we recorded several months ago, in which I am completely honest about the good, the bad, and the downright ugly about running my business. 

He has created a Podcast channel called Inspiring Innovation and asked me to be a guest on his show after meeting me at a conference last year. We hit it off right away, and have become great friends since our first meeting, so in the interview, I was actually really comfortable talking about everything, yet when it came to airing it, I suddenly got really nervous.

One thing I have always struggled with is not being perfect, and in this interview, I share some pretty raw truths about my journey. Letting these ‘secrets’ out into the world was terrifying and potentially liberating all at the same time.

Many people within the dance world have sympathised with me on this, as we all seem to have developed this sometimes debilitating habit of having to get everything done right, and proving to the world that we can.

Well, I am now the first to admit that I am most definitely not perfect, and with the acceleration of the business over the years began to realise that I had bitten off far more than I could chew on my own. Hitting the wall, and bouncing back has made me a much stronger and more vibrant person, and I am glad that my story is now able to inspire others. If you would like to listen in or download the podcast, simply  CLICK HERE

Meron Bareket


Aside from that, the last 2 weeks seem to have been all about knees…

I’m really not sure why this has suddenly come up, but all of a sudden there seem to be new clients with knee pain and questions about knee pain everywhere! I remember an energetic healer saying something about knee pain being related to indecision, and this does seem to be a bit of a theme in many people that I see.

However, I still have two very anatomical and specific questions that I answered this week through our Customer Support Desk that I thought you might be interested in. The first was about tightness behind the knees when stretching, and the second is about Patellofemoral Pain and Bakers Cysts.


Have a wonderful week


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