The 'Padding for Pointe Shoes,' video explores the different options and personal preferences for pointe shoe padding.

You will find explanations of the various in store and at home methods that dancers use including the different types of 'ouch pouches,'and 'toe socks' for problem toes. It includes techniques to prevent blisters and foot irritation as well as tips for dancers who prefer to minimise the amount of padding used for more true fit of the pointe shoe.

'Padding for Pointe Shoes,' aims to inform dancers of these different techniques and options to ensure the dancer maximises their comfort in the pointe shoe and makes an informed decision that works for her!

Notes for padding:

  • Try to use as little padding as possible as excessive padding will interfere with your ability to feel the floor and control the front of the shoe.
  • The main reason why most dancers need padding is due to their toes clawing in the shoes. Rather than simply padding up the toes it is essential to strengthen the toes so that they can remain long in the pointe shoe. Please consult The Perfect Pointe Book or Advanced Foot Control For Dancers for specific exercises.
  • Always make sure to remove all padding from shoes to breathe before storing them as the moisture in the toe pads can soften the glue in the pointe shoes (not to mention the smell!)
  • Make sure you use all padding that you will be using when dancing when getting your dance shoes fitted as it can take up to half a size in some shoes

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