Don’t you just love it when you try something new, and something even more amazing than what you expected comes out of it!

My experiment with using Google Hangout to do a live video broadcast was a huge success – you're going to love watching it ;) I had an amazing video call with Lynne – a rhythmic gymnast with chronic navicular stress fractures in the UK, and Sophia, a dancer who has had several challenges with shin and foot injuries in Australia.

We talked about everything from ways to assist healing to things that slow or delayed healing, and how to build back to high level training and even issues of constantly designing your wardrobe around running shoes… (Glad to see I am not the only one hehehe ;)

Both girls loved it (& so did I!), and we went over lots of things for each of them to try to accelerate their rehab and get them back sooner. But the best part is, I think many of you reading this will probably get as much out of this call as we did.

Here is the full video of the call..

However some of the most amazing stuff came out once we went off air… Isn't that how it always works?

I stayed online and talked to the girls for an extra 90 minutes, where we uncovered the more personal stuff that goes with any injury and the massive similarities that both of this dancers had experienced in their journeys. The sense of isolation from their peers, the spiral of demoralization at each attempt to get back up, the psychology of pain and the fear of never actually being able to get back fully.

So much came up in this time, and both girls felt an enormous sense of relief knowing that they were not alone, and that these fears were not only very normal, but that there were strategies that could help them get from where they currently are, to where they want to be.

It also made me realize the true reason that the new program literally forced itself into existence. That both girls were struggling with seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, struggling to know how to structure their day, to keep training the rest of their body, and to keep focused on their goals, while healing an injury. These were the very same issues that I saw Shay battling with, that inspired me to make the “Will I Ever Dance Again?” program in the beginning.

Since I believe that this inner and personal aspect is so important for all dancers to hear, I did a second follow up call with both girls the following Sunday. Again, this went for an hour, however we could have talked for much longer!

In this call we talk about:

  • That a foot injury is such a small part of your body, and the rest of you still needs to be trained!
  • How essential it is to find the true cause of your injury
  • How many people are going through the same challenges, and facing the same difficuilties as you
  • Dealing with sitting out of class while your classmates are still training / performing
  • The Psychology of pain
  • Using a Mirror Box to help work with chronic or excessive pain
  • Mirror Neurons and why its important to surround yourself with the right people
  • Negative self talk and how to resolve this
  • The spiral of depression that often comes with injury

This is such an essential side of dealing with injury that I encourage you to set aside time to watch the call. There are some great jems of information in there that can really help the whole experience


I really look forward to hearing your thoughts on both of these calls!

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