Kathy McDonald - Dance Teacher

Company Name: Willow Dance Center


Facebook: Willow Dance Center

Location: Pleasant valley, New York, United States


  • Attended: Three Dance Teacher Training, York,PA, August 2014


Kathy began her career in dance instruction over 25 years ago. Her teaching experience includes classes at Yorktown Ballet School, Somers Ballet School, and conducting the adult ballet program at the Ballet Arts Studio in Beacon. In 2004, Kathy saw a need for a more adult-centered dance studio, where any level adult dancer was welcome to expand their skills in a serious but welcoming environment. At that time, she started Willow Dance Center, a studio for adult dancers. She continues to teach the joy of movement with classes for all levels of adults wanting to learn or improve their dance skills. 



The workshop was amazing! Lisa was so well organized and could answer any question. There was no wasted time. I learned so much. I refer to Lisa a lot when teaching and I use exercises that we learned. I continue to follow Lisa on Facebook and also refer to the ballet blog. Of all of the workshops I have attended the 2 best were Lisa's and Dance for PD.