Introduction to Cupping - Free PDF

Many dancers ask us what cupping is as they have never seen it before. Cupping therapy has a long history of application in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditionally, a flammable substance, such as alcohol, herbs or paper is placed in a cup made of glass, metal, wood or bamboo. The material inside the cup was set on fire to create a vacuum. As the fire goes out, the cup was placed upside down over certain meridian points on the body to treat various health conditions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. 


Flexibility Resources

If you are looking to delve deeper into this topic, check out the following programs:

  • Front Splits Fast Program: This program translates therapeutic techniques for improving Fascial Mobility and Neural Tension into easy to do exercises that can enable instant changes in your flexibility without the risk of damage through over stretching.
  • Level Two Online Flexibility Intensive: If you are a dance teacher, this is the perfect continued education course for you. During this course you will understand the multifactorial nature to flexibility training. You will also explore safe ways of assessing exactly where each individual is restricted in order to create the most effective program.
  • Level Three Online Flexibility Intensive on 'How to Train Extreme Mobility Safely'This workshop will help you assess your students in detail and be able to offer them effective techniques in a logical clear order to get them on the way to achieving THEIR optimal flexibility. It is also for teachers who are concerned at the extreme positions young dancers are wanting to work into, as it gives you safe guidelines on how to guide their development.