How to Improve Range in Second Splits

Do you or your students struggle to improve range in second splits? Assessing the current quality and location of the restriction is essential to create the most effective program to improve range. Get started by watching the video with Lisa explaining how to assess second splits. Then, refer to the special PDF that we have created which outlines what each type of restriction may be, and how to work with it. Feel free to print this PDF out and use either at home or in the studio. CLICK HERE to download your free PDF.

The Assessment: 

  • Step One: Start sitting with the legs in front.
  • Step Two: Slowly move the legs out to the sides until the first point of restriction. Make sure not to push too deeply into range, instead looking for the first sign of restriction.
  • Step Three: Place a hand over the location of the restriction, and consider the quality of restriction. Does it feel compressed, stretching, or more in a line of pull?
  • Step Four: Use the PDF to determine the most likely cause of the restriction, and considerations on how to work on improving range most safely.
  • Note: You may find restriction in a few different areas, or a different area on each side, which will require a different set of mobilisation techniques to resolve.

Flexibility Resources

If you are looking to delve deeper into this topic, check out the following programs:

  • Front Splits Fast Program: This program translates therapeutic techniques for improving Fascial Mobility and Neural Tension into easy to do exercises that can enable instant changes in your flexibility without the risk of damage through over stretching.
  • Level Two Online Flexibility Intensive: If you are a dance teacher, this is the perfect continued education course for you. During this course you will understand the multifactorial nature to flexibility training. You will also explore safe ways of assessing exactly where each individual is restricted in order to create the most effective program.
  • Level Three Online Flexibility Intensive on 'How to Train Extreme Mobility Safely': This workshop will help you assess your students in detail and be able to offer them effective techniques in a logical clear order to get them on the way to achieving THEIR optimal flexibility. It is also for teachers who are concerned at the extreme positions young dancers are wanting to work into, as it gives you safe guidelines on how to guide their development.

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