Hi Guys,

So many dancers  want to know how to get more pointe range, so I am collecting all of the info that we have on improving your range into one place! This post will continue to grow so keep an eye on it for more info!

Many people simply dont believe that their feet will ever bend properly so I have also added this video from a teacher in the USA after one of my workshops in Ohio :)



Many people think that using a Foot Stretcher to get more pointe range is the way to go, but I highly advise against this. You can read my post about Foot Stretchers here. Even the newer "better designed" ones gave most of our trial participants issues with pain at the back of the ankle so this is best avoided!

However, massage and strengthening all of the musscles in the foot, as well as gentle stretching of specific ligaments over time remains the best way to improve your range. Check out all of the info in The Perfect Pointe Book  (for younger students) or the Advanced Foot Control for Dancers program (students over age 14) for safe and effective ways of improving your pointe range!

For more details on how to get more pointe range, and a specific example from a reader, please check out the following post on restricted pointe range...


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