How to get more pointe range!

Many dancers struggle with achieving a nice line of their foot and ankle, and will often do anything to make it better. Unfortunately, many of the things that dancers do to try to improve their pointe range are potentially harmful. This includes things like stretching your feet under a piano, and using any kind of foot stretching device. In my opinion, pushing your body in the direction you want it to go is usually the slowest and most dangerous way of getting there, and this definitely applies when working with pointe range. Forcefully stretching feet usually stretches what is already mobile, rather than targeting the elements that are actually restricting your range, so will often not give you the result you are after.

The following two videos, from our "How to improve your pointe range safely - without a foot stretcher" program, explain how the Windlass Mechanism of the foot works, and why walking in parallel can help improve your range! Understanding how the foot is designed to work in detail can help you make improvements in range in a much simpler and safer way.


We have now arranged our complete collection of the techniques we use to improve range into a program that you can use at home to improve your pointe range quickly and safely! This program is a dream come true for anyone with less than ideal feet! Comprising of 41 clear and concise videos, totalling just under 2 hours play time, this course begins with a series of assessments to establish exactly what structures are restricting your pointe range. It then explores a diverse array of massage techniques, joint mobility exercises and fascial mobilisers to safely improve your pointe range. This is followed by an in depth look at retraining all of the muscles that stabilise the foot and ankle to allow you to actually use your new found pointe range in class!  

There are PDF downloads of the workbook for each section at the bottom of the Members Area. This allows you to print out the sheets you need, as well as a handy guide to plan out your individual training program. If you would prefer the full colour professionally printed workbook thats compliments this online course, you can purchase this directly through Amazon. This guide has detailed, illustrated instructions of all of the exercises and helps you keep your notes and progress in one place.


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