Ellie Mayhew - Dance Teacher

Company Name: Terri Jayne Theatre Arts


Location: Light Water, Surrey, United Kingdom 


  • Attended: Level 1, Teacher Training, London, 2019  


Ellie is a full time physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham, who is also an ITDA qualified teacher, and teaches at Terri Jayne Theatre Arts when she returns home. She still dances herself, representing the University of Nottingham at competitions. With a passion for Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation and helping dancers reach their full potential the combination of a physiotherapy qualification alongside previous dance and dance teaching experience will hopefully enable her to in the future become a specialist dance physiotherapist alongside continuing to implement safe dance techniques at studios as a teacher.


The workshop I attended was amazing. It felt like I learnt more practical skills I could utilise in 3 days than a whole year at university. Everything was so clearly explained and you can always refer back to the book if you forget something. Being in a room full of likeminded professionals all from different backgrounds coupled with Lisa’s passion and experience made the course something truly special and I would recommend that any teachers/HCP/dancer or even dance mum should go if they get the opportunity.