Dance Teacher Intensive Members Area Now Live!

If you have been one of the teachers or health professionals that has attended one of my two or three day intensive workshops, the exclusive Dance Teacher Intensive Members Area is now live!

This space is designed to help you get the most out of the content that was presented, as you integrate it into your teaching. I will be adding more and more content to this page, along with Q&A posts from participants from all of the workshops as they come in.

It is also designed to help you stay connected with those that were in the class with you, so I have added an area for profile posts for all participants. If you would like to be included here, please send your bio, what workshop you attended, a square headshot and any contact details you would like to be posted to She will add you in, but make sure to also let her know which category (or categories) you would like to be listed under (Therapist/Teacher/Pilates).

To check if the Members Area has been activated for your account, simply log in, then hover over the Members Area tab, and look for “Dance Teacher Intensive”. If it is not there, please sumbit a support ticket (through the Contact Us tab) including proof of purchase to the workshop that you attended.

Once you are logged in you can submit your questions directly to me, and I will give priority to these questions.

I look forward to hearing how you like this space, and interacting with you more!

Warmest regards,