トウシューズをつぶして履こう (Breaking in pointe shoes)




  • 踵の部分の生地を裏返しにしたシューズに、足を入れていきます。足底の上で踵が終わる部分と足裏の始まる境目を確認してから、シューズの足底とその境目が一致する部分を見つけましょう。
  • シューズを脱ぎ、柔らかくしたい境目以外をつぶさないように、しっかりと足底を掴んでください。
  • ゆっくりと丁寧に足底のかかとの部分を柔らかくしていきます。そうすることで、足底が足のラインに合わせて心地よく沿うようになります。シューズから踵を持ち上げる助けをしてもらっているような、踵の小さな土台を作ってくれます。
  • かかとの部分を柔らかくする事が上手にできたら、ドゥミ・ポイントで動かす部分の多少柔らかくしましょう。この部分はバレエクラスで沢山動かすはずなので、あまり柔らかくしなくてよいですね。



Pointe Resources

If you are looking to delve deeper into this topic, check out the following programs:

  • The Perfect Pointe Book: This course was originally designed to help students and dance teachers safely prepare for pointe work. The four stages of tests and exercises within the book are ideal for pre-pointe preparation classes, students close to achieving pointe shoes and students already en pointe looking for extra strength and technique training.
  • Pointe Range: This online program comprises of 41 clear and concise videos, totalling just under 2 hours play time, this course begins with a series of assessments to establish exactly what structures are restricting your pointe range. It then explores a diverse array of massage techniques, joint mobility exercises and fascial mobilisers to safely improve your pointe range. This is followed by an in depth look at retraining all of the muscles that stabilise the foot and ankle to allow you to actually use your new found pointe range in class.
  • Pointe Intensive: This online virtual workshop is designed for both Dance Teachers & Health Professionals working with dancers. This three day Intensive will give you the most up-to-date advice in the industry to help you understand your students’ needs, analyze their differences, and them you the tools to help your students become the best dancer they can be.

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