Level 1 Teacher Training- Self Guided Option

Due to the recent travel restrictions, I have now converted my Level One Teacher Training into a live online virtual workshop. However, I understand this option doesn't suit everyone.  So with this in mind, I have created a self-guided option for you, giving you the opportunity to work through the content at your own pace and dive deep into other areas of a dancer's education, including exploration of individual anatomy, personalised rehab programs, and specific dance conditioning to maximise performance. 

This self-guided option gives you six months of unlimited access to my Level 1 Training Training Portal which includes over 250+pre-recorded content-based videos, including all my anecdotes, downloadable resources including assessment sheets, progress charts, and exercise sheets. You will also be able to join me on any upcoming coaching calls, which are a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of the content and a great way to replicate the in-person connection from a live workshop. You will also get instant access to the library of over 35 videos of previously recorded Coaching Calls. These valuable resources each examine a particular topic in detail and look at the application of the content in the course in a real life scenario.

To find out more please see below.

This offer is only available for the first 100 teachers or clinicians 

Upfront Fee: $440USD (giving you instant access to the portal for 6 months) 

Any ongoing membership after this period will be $29 USD per month. 

Inside the Online Portal

  • There are over 250 content based videos in the program, organised into 12 carefully structured modules, to enhance the ease of learning.
  • In each module there are multiple Downloadable resources including assessment sheets, progress charts and exercise sheets to make it easy to integrate the work into your dance classes or clinical practice.
  • As you complete each module you will receive a certificate to claim CCE points with your governing authority.
  • The course is designed to be completed in sequence, as each of the later modules build on the knowledge gained in the earlier modules, organically deepening your learning.
  • All of the content is arranged in an easy to navigate dashboard to help orientate you through the training
  • We have also included handy progress wheels to easily track your learning.
  • Live Coaching Calls - You will also be able to join me on any upcoming coaching calls, which are a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of the content. These calls also give me the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you on a personal level and really help you get the most out of your investment. 
  • You will also get instant access to the library of over 35 videos of previously recorded Coaching Calls. These valuable resources each examine a particular topic in detail and look at the application of the content in the course in a real-life scenario such as; working with a dancer with hip pain, dealing with Plantar Fascia Pain and Managing Back Pain etc. I have also created numerous downloadable PDF's for use in class, to make it even easier to apply the ideas to your daily lessons.
  • Become a part of a community of like minded professionals all focussed on training healthy dancers through our Private Facebook Group. This allows you to ask questions at any time and tap into a global group of extremely knowledgable professionals from all genres. 

The Modules

All of the modules in this Level 1 Teacher Training course are based around the areas that I get most the questions about as a Physiotherapist for Dancers. They also include many tips and techniques that I have developed while working on injury recover, injury prevention and performance enhancement in dancers for the last 20 years.

I have been working closely with thousands of Dance teachers and Therapists who work with dancers for the last 20 years and have realised that many individuals are struggling with the same issues globally. Part of this seems to be  due to how dance teacher are taught to teach. There is often very little focus on the analysis of the individual dancer's anatomy when working towards a certain step, which can make all the difference in the success of some students. 

Example Module - The Dancers Hip

The dancer must achieve extraordinary control over the musculature around the hip to achieve the positions and movements that are required in today’s choreography. The ranges of motion that are expected at young ages are very challenging, and in some cases are detrimental to the dancer’s long term prospects. Due to the prevalence of images and videos spreading through Social Media young students are wanting to achieve positions that are not actually safe for the development of their bones and joints and are risking serious and long term damage by doing so.

This module looks in detail at the dancers hip, helping you understand why some things come so easily to some dancers, while others struggle. We look at assessing the hip, not to rule anyone out, but to discover the exact tissues that are restricting range in order to safely release them. We then look at sequences to train control of turnout in different positions, including Standing Leg Turnout, Turnout en Fondu and Turnout Devant, in order to achieve optimal control. 

The Coaching Calls

It is one thing learning the in's and out's of all elements of a dancer's body, but it is another being able to apply everything real-time with the body in front of you. To create easy to follow maps for each different presentation that you may see in the studio I conduct regular (every 1-2 weeks) Members Coaching Calls. These are each focussed on one topic, usually based around a specific question from a member, for example; Pain at the Back of the Ankle. We look at all of the different elements that need to be considered when working with the issue, from the anatomy involved, right through to how to manage it in class. This is a wonderful way to learn how to apply all of the content in the base training to the scenarios you will see in real life. 

Each call is approximately 60 mins long, and we usually have time for further questions at the end. Previous topics have included:

What people are saying 

Having been frustrated for so many years with questions no one seemed to have answers for, It was pure relief and one AHA moment after another when I met Lisa and joined the Members Portal. The most important thing Lisa gave me and my students was hope for change and improvement and a renewed excitement for learning more about how our intricate bodies are designed. Lisa is so fun to work with! She's extremely personable, encouraging and makes things easy to use  The members portal is brilliant! The content is well organized, and very clearly explained. Every time I return to a section for a refresher I am able to absorb a little more. The coaching calls are the highlight of my week, being able to connect with Lisa in person and have personal feedback is invaluable. I also love how Lisa designs the programs in PDF's with checklists and evaluations making it easy to pass along to my students. Thanks Lisa for your incredible dedication and passion!

Maddison M - Canada

Lisa is truly a gift to the dance world! She selflessly shares her knowledge in a way that's clear, easy to understand, and well-organized. Her approach is extremely effective, and I'm continously amazed at how immediate the results are.

Rivka N - USA

Having attended numerous of Lisa’s workshops I love having the members portal to go back to to remind myself of exercises to make sure I am actually doing them correctly ;) Its also a great resource for finding solutions for a students problem area. I think my favourite part though, has to be the weekly members calls ( they are worth staying up late for). Getting a weekly dose of knowledge and actually doing something for myself as a teacher on a weekly basis is fantastic. I can really recommend signing up!

Sharron R - Norway

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