The Level 2 Intensive Workshops allow you to focus and grow in each specific area of dance technique. Each one is delivered as a one or two day workshop, that can be taken in your area of interest. The classes typically run from 9am to 5pm, or 9am - 4pm for the two day workshops, which allows each area to be explored in greater detail and provides age appropriate progressions, modifications for injury & personal experience.

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Level 2 - Understanding and Managing

Foot Injuries in Dancers

For Dance Teachers and Health Professionals

Although chronic hip pain should never be a “normal thing” for young dancers, the reality is that many dancers all over the world are suffering from chronic hip pain with very little idea of what to do about it. Regular physical therapists and physiotherapists are often at a loss at what to do because of the complex nature of dance and can often only prescribe rest and recovery. We all know very well that this kind of news does not go down well at all with dancers, nor does it have a good outcome.

Hip pain and clicky hips come from a myriad of anatomical and technical faults, all of which must be identified and addressed.  If these fundamental issues are not addressed in detail, the hip injury will tend to reoccur and continue to impede the dancer’s progress.

In this course, we look at:

  • The anatomy of the foot
  • Common dance injuries and how they occur
  • Management of injuries in the classroom
  • The rehab process from injury
  • How physical therapy works and what to expect
  • Specific exercises that help target weak areas in the foot
  • Taping techniques to help offload sensitive areas

This course is ideal for therapists who work with dancers

This course is not solely designed for dance teachers and is a great addition for physiotherapists, personal trainers and other health care professionals who want to work more closely with dancers. You will leave armed with many tools and techniques to help dancers suffering with all types of foot injuries, specifically:

  • Plantar Fascia Pain
  • Posterior Impingement
  • Os Trigonum
  • Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Sever's Disease
  • Stress Fractures
  • Bunions
  • “Shin Splits”

Especially in the pre-adolescent/adolescent student, it’s imperative to support the vulnerable structures in the foot and ankle. Since many changes are happening in the body during this time, attention needs to be given to certain strengthening exercises that will benefit the dancer throughout the length of their career. Some dancers, eager to get quick results, resort to using foot stretchers and other dangerous items in an attempt to get the feet they have always wanted. Not only do the foot stretchers fail to improve, strengthen and control the ankle they are also cause massive damage to the soft tissue structures in the foot. This often leads to injury and a reduced capacity to dance, rather than an improvement.

As with all of the Level Two courses you will get the most out of it with a good knowledge of some of the student programs, free articles, and Level One Teacher Training course.

Some helpful resources may include:

This two day intensive workshop will change how you work with dancers hips forever! 

Level 2 Workshops


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