Level 2 Teacher Training Intensives

For Dance Teachers and Health Professionals

These workshops are now available as an online virtual workshop, and to replicate the depth of learning and personal connection we feel at the in-person course, the content will be delivered in a combination of live teaching, pre-recorded content, and personal exploration. Each workshop focuses on a particular dance technique giving you the opportunity to delve deeper into this topic. 

Each course includes; access to a recording to the virtual workshop, assessment sheets for you to use in your studio or clinic, and the opportunity to gain CEC points from your governing body.  

For the latest dates and locations of upcoming courses CLICK HERE or check out the individual listings at the bottom of this page.

To find out more about a specific workshop, click on the images above.

Level 2 Workshops

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  • SALE!
    L2 Online Flexibilty Intensive - Dance Teacher Training - Lisa Howell - The Ballet Blog

    Level 2 – Flexibility Intensive – 22nd-24th March 2023

    $405.00 AUD
  • SALE!
    L2 Pointe - Product Image - Dance Teacher Training - Lisa Howell - The Ballet Blog

    Level 2 – Pointe Intensive – Starting Monday 6th March, 2023

    $405.00 AUD
  • SALE!
    Level 2 flexibility intensive Lisa Howell melbourne australia 2023 dancer penche

    Level Two: Flexibility Intensive – Melbourne – April 2023

    $360.00 AUD
  • SALE!

    Level Two: Flexibility Intensive – San Diego – February 2023

    $495.00 AUD
  • SALE!

    Level Two: Pointe Intensive – Melbourne – April 2023

    $360.00 AUD


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