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Recent global events have forced us all to radically change our style of teaching and learning. Many of us are working and teaching from home, and having to modify our regular teaching to fit into the limitations of our dancer's home situation, which may include smaller spaces and non-optimal flooring. 

This is a perfect time to dive deep in other areas of a dancers education, including exploration of individual anatomy, personalised rehab programs and specific dance conditioning to maximise performance (for when we can perform again!). There are hundreds of examples of this kind of work in the Level 1 Teacher Training, however I know how hard it is to remember everything we covered.

Thankfully, before all of this happened I meticulously filmed every part of the course, including all my anecdotes, assessment tests, exercises and explorations. I have coupled this with downloadable PDF's for use in class, to make it even easier to apply. I have also continued to add to the collection with regular coaching calls, discussing and demonstrating how to apply all often content to specific situations such as working with a dancer with hip pain, dealing with Plantar Fascia Pain and Managing Back Pain.


What You Get

  • Instant access to over 230 content based videos
  • Downloadable resources including assessment sheets, progress charts and exercise sheets to make it easy to integrate the work into your classes or clinical practice
  • 10 carefully curated learning modules to enhance your learning
  • Certificates following the completion of each Module to claim CCE points with your governing authority
  • Regular Coaching Calls - These valuable calls will examine a particular topic in detail and look at the application of the content in the course in a real life scenario
  • A beautiful dashboard to help orientate you through the training
  • Progress wheels to easily track your learning
  • Become a part of a community of like minded professionals all focussed on training healthy dancers!

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Individual Teacher Membership

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This option is especially designed for recent participants at the three day workshop and gives you full access to the portal. Signing up for a free trial membership allows you to log in and have a look around before commencing the Single Workshop Participant Membership. You can choose to cancel your membership at any time.

Free for two weeks, then $49 USD per month

Studio Owner Membership

with up to 5 additional teachers

Being a Studio or Clinic Owner has its own challenges when it comes to making sure your staff are all up-to-date with their training. This Membership gives up to 5 members individual access under one paid account and allows you to track their progress through a Team Management Dashboard. Access can be revoked to any teacher at any time and reassigned to new staff.

$149 USD per month for up to 6 members

Example Module - The Dancers Hip

The dancer must achieve extraordinary control over the musculature around the hip to achieve the positions and movements that are required in today’s choreography. The ranges of motion that are expected at young ages are very challenging, and in some cases are detrimental to the dancer’s long term prospects. Due to the prevalence of images and videos spreading through Social Media young students are wanting to achieve positions that are not actually safe for the development of their bones and joints and are risking serious and long term damage by doing so.

This module looks in detail at the dancers hip, helping you understand why some things come so easily to some dancers, while others struggle. We look at assessing the hip, not to rule anyone out, but to discover the exact tissues that are restricting range in order to safely release them. We then look at sequences to train control of turnout in different positions, including Standing Leg Turnout, Turnout en Fondu and Turnout Devant, in order to achieve optimal control.