Now is your chance to be one of the founding members of the brand new

Level 1 Teacher Training Portal

What You Get

  • Instant access to over 230 content based videos
  • 10 carefully curated learning modules to enhance your learning
  • Downloadable resources including assessment sheets, progress charts and exercise sheets to make it easy to integrate the work into your classes or clinical practice
  • A beautiful dashboard to help orientate you through the training
  • Progress wheels to easily track your learning
  • Monthly Case Study Webinars - These valuable calls will examine a particular Case Study and look at the application of the course in a real life scenario
  • Join a community of like minded professionals all focussed on training healthy dancers!

Choose Your Option

Single Membership

This option is perfect for independent dance teachers, Pilates instructors or health professionals who want to have easy access to all of the information in the course. Get immediate access to all of the content in the course, and revisit any section as often as you like. Deepen your understanding with ongoing training and support via the monthly Case Study Webinars. 

$49 USD per month

Studio Owner Membership

Being a Studio or Clinic Owner has its own challenges when it comes to making sure your staff are all up-to-date with their training. This Membership gives up to 5 members individual access under one paid account and allows you to track their progress through a Team Management Dashboard. Access can be revoked to any teacher at any time and reassigned to new staff.

$149 USD per month for up to 5 members

Two Week Free Trial Membership

This option is especially designed for recent participants at the three day workshop and gives you full access to the portal. Signing up for a free trial membership allows you to log in and have a look around before commencing the Single Workshop Participant Membership. You can choose to cancel your membership at any time.

Free for two weeks, then $49 USD per month