Hamstring Mobilisers

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Hamstring Mobilisers

How much do you stretch your hamstrings? Probably, a lot, but many dancers get frustrated because no matter how much they stretch, their hamstrings never seem to get more mobile. The reason for this is that quite often the issue is not actually your hamstring muscles! Far more often, the restriction is in the fascial network and will not respond to regular static stretching. So, how do we work on our mobility?

If you ask dancers to “stretch their hamstrings”, 99% of the time they will sit with their legs straight out in front of them and then stretch in turnout. Very very rarely will dancers ever to think to stretch their hamstrings in parallel or in internal rotation. Mobilising the fascia of the whole leg is incredibly beneficial as it will open up the whole Superficial Back Line. This will allow all of the tissues to slide in relation to each other and let you finally achieve your full range.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how to mobilise your fascia to get more flexible and prepared for class!

Be conscious of where you feel tension and be sure to give these areas a few extra mobilisations to free them up.


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