Honouring the Tendu – old

Mastering the articulation of the front of the foot that should occur in a tendu is quite possibly the single most effective way to prevent foot injuries in dancers. Focusing on the correct execution of this fundamental step can also lead to dramatic improvements of all areas of a dancers technique and will lead to

Hamstring Mobilisers

Hamstring Mobilisers How much do you stretch your hamstrings? Probably, a lot, but many dancers get frustrated because no matter how much they stretch, their hamstrings never seem to get more mobile. The reason for this is that quite often the issue is not actually your hamstring muscles! Far more often, the restriction is in

Taping for the Back

Taping for the Back Why use tape? Even when we know what we SHOULD be doing with our back, sometimes this is easier said than done! Muscles often fire too much, and we need them to calm down, or they are lacking the endurance to do what we want them to do. Both of these