Injuries In Dance

Osgood Schlatters

Growing dancers who tend to work the bodies to the limit, building up a large amount of tension in their quads, are susceptible to developing OsGood Schlatters. Find out why!

Chronic Hip & Back Pain in Hypermobile Dancers

When hip pain strikes, it can be quite scary. Dancers often worry about the cause of this type of pain and try to push through. We discuss the different types of pain and causes. 

Oversplits In Second - What Are The Risks?

The hip is a pretty stable structure but pulling your leg mount into extreme positions puts a huge amount of strain on the delicate surrounding structures. Click here to read more.

Modifications For Knee Injuries

The Best Treatment For Patellofemoral Pain

‘Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome‘ (PFPS) is a general term for pain…

Treatment of Back Pain in a Dancer

Treating dancers with back pain can be a whole different…

Why Shin Splints Is Not An Accurate Diagnosis



There are many causes of pain in the front of the shins including thickening of the covering of the bone (the periosteum) and muscular issues. It is very important to get a very clear diagnosis so that we know how to treat it properly, but it is also very important that we find out why it happened, so that we can fix those things so that it doesn’t recur. From this far away I cannot give you a diagnosis, but I can help to find ways to reduce the pain, to heal it, and to stop it coming back…

Did you have any traumatic incident before this started, such as getting kicked in the shins, or hitting it against a step? Bruising of the periosteum and the top surface of the bone can cause a lot of pain, that may further develop over time, especially when you are doing a lot of dancing.

Did you have a change in footwear, in your training or in the hours of training over this period of time. Sometimes if there is less shock absorption in the foot, or through the floor that you are dancing on, stress can be focused into certain points of the shin. Less shock absorption in the foot can happen if the arch is very stiff and high, or the opposite, if the ligaments are very soft and the foot is rolling in.

Orthotics vs Formthotics – Is one better for dancers?

Hi Lisa,  I read in one of your articles and…

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