Hip Mobilisers 1, 2 and 3!

These fascial mobilisers are great for anyone who is looking to improve their flexibility around their hips and create extra space to allow for a greater range of motion. This is always desirable for dancers who need a greater range of motion than other athletes due to the demand of the work they do. Particular focus is given to the anterior part of hip which is prone to getting quite tight. Common causes of this tightness can be from people who tend to overuse their quadriceps, people who have hyperextended legs and tend to sit into their knees or over-trained hip flexor muscles.

What do stiff hips do to my dancing?

Stiff hips are the cause of many limitations in your technique. As they are the part of the body connecting your upper body to your lower body, you want them to be as mobile as possible so that the two parts can work together instead of against each other. A good example would be in arabesque, having tight hips means that your upper body and leg can't achieve their full range and one ends up compensating; either your back is as upright as you want or you have to settle for a low arabesque. Give your hips a good release to increase your arabesque height plus other benefits like increased turnout.




If you think anyone would benefit from doing these hip mobilisers, send them through to our page where they can sign up and receive the same tips as you are. Good information like this should be made available to anyone who is serious about becoming the best dancer they can be.

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