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Lisa 4 bwThere is no better way to accelerate your dancing than mastering your own body!

This site is dedicated to dancers, giving you all of the tools and information you need to prevent and recover from injury as well as accelerate your technique to become the best dancer you can be!

I’m a qualified Physiotherapist who has been working with dancers for over 13 years and am the owner of Perfect Form Physiotherapy, a clinic for dancers of all disciplines in Sydney, Australia. However, I wanted an online portal to be able to help dancers worldwide and so, in 2007, The Ballet Blog was born!

If you’re ready to empower yourself and transform dancing, JOIN US NOW.

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The Front Splits Fast program is like nothing else on the market. Based on peer reviewed science and clearly explained so you don’t need a degree to understand it! This program really gets to the core of your flexibility problems and helps treat them – fast!
I bought the Training Turnout Manual about six months ago because I was told that I had very tight hips and didn’t know how to control my turnout. I was at a lost trying so many different products but nothing ever really worked. Often I would stretch out my hips so much to the point were I couldn’t walk the next day. As soon as a brought the book I started to realize how much damage I am doing to my hips. The book helped me locate where my tension was and how to release it. Now before every class I bring my tennis ball with me to go through a couple of exercises and then everyday do some of the strength exercises. All of my teachers have told me what an improvement I have made. Thanks Lisa!